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Journal Advanced Exercise and Health Science

Aim & Scope

The present journal is an internationally recognized, peer-reviewed publication established and sponsored by Wuhan Sports University in China. The journal encompasses a broad range of themes within exercise and health science, with a particular emphasis on multidisciplinary research into various health conditions and the use of exercise/sport as an intervention, or measurements of exercise performance, cardiovascular fitness, and muscle function as key outcomes of the intervention. The primary objective of this journal is to explore the dose-efficacy relationship and underlying mechanisms of exercise-induced health promotion and disease rehabilitation, thereby advancing the field of exercise and health science. Original research, as well as reviews and systematic reviews with or without meta-analysis, that address these objectives, are highly encouraged. Research studies utilizing human or animal models that address the journal's aims are welcome. Additionally, studies using muscle cell culture models with electrical stimulation or exercise memetics are also of interest. The topics covered by the journal include, but are not limited to, Exercise and health promotion and policy; Exercise physiology and nutrition; Exercise medicine; Exercise and health psychology; Exercise biomechanics; Molecular and cell biology of exercise and nutrition; Exercise and artificial intelligence. [1]

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