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You recognize that in today's rapidly expanding landscape of scholarly publications, as is clearly evidenced on PSIref, competition for readers and submissions has never been more intense. Whether your publication is newly launched or well-established with the backing of a renowned society, organization, or publisher, proactive promotion is essential to cultivate and sustain a dedicated readership and community, ensuring its enduring success.

Traditionally, your publications have attracted readership and submissions through the dedication of your editorial staff, who produce high-quality materials within your areas of expertise. Your publisher has also contributed through marketing efforts on its website, at conferences, social media and through online advertising. However, PSIref offers you several basic and premium services to actively promote your publication on its platform, differentiating it from your competition in the eyes of both authors and readers. This approach ensures a greater Return on Investment (ROI) by offering a more effective means to reach your targeted audience.

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Metadata Registration and Integration Services

Get connected! Register your publication's metadata today on PSIref to get discovered, enhance your visibility and boost your web traffic to your site! Registering the metadata of your journals/books/book series/proceedings is essential. This action provides PSIref with vital information about your content, simplifying integration, search, and retrieval based on metadata tags, keywords, and other attributes.
Metadata registration includes the following:

Data Infrastructure
Creates your entity's presence on the platform with an immutable and linkable unique identifier (your publication's PSIID). Includes title, subtitle (if applicable) and is connected to your publisher's entity and/or sponsoring organization(s).
Field Data
Registers bibliometric information of your publication including aliases, abbreviations, acronyms, its Aim & Scope, hyperlink directly to the publication's homepage/splash page on your website, starting year, journal history and publicly available registry IDs including but not limited to:
  • ISSN or ISBN (required)
  • DOI (required)
  • NLM identifiers
  • OCLC identifiers
Field data is indexed in PSIref for keyword searches. For example, your topics covered are often not reflected in the title of your publication. Hence indexing your Aim & Scope enhances the prospects of discovery.
Subject Integration
Links your publication to selected subjects found in our extensive categorization schemas.
Companion Titles
Integrates your title with any companion / sister title(s), series/collections or translations for effective cross-marketing promotion of your related titles. See here, here or here for examples, respectively.

Call for Papers

PSIref offers a unique and powerful opportunity to increase the visibility of your journal's Call for Papers among your targeted audience. Our platform, dedicated to the discovery, dissemination, and discussion of scholarly literature, provides an innovative solution to enhance your journal's presence. By leveraging PSIref's cutting-edge metadata indexing and integration, you can ensure that your Call for Papers attracts the attention of scholars, experts, and academics actively seeking opportunities to publish their work within your areas of expertise. This heightened visibility not only raises awareness of your journal but also drives more submissions, enabling you to be more selective in what you choose to publish. Contact PSIref today to harness this potential and boost your journal's impact while connecting with the right contributors.

Upcoming Conferences, Meetings and Events for Professional Organizations

Attention professional societies, associations, and organizations! PSIref offers an instrumental platform to promote your upcoming conferences, meetings and events and attract participants from a wide and diverse audience. Our specialized services include direct promotion, Call for Abstracts, Call for Posters, and Call for Presenters/Presentations. Whether you're organizing a conference, symposium, or any event in your field, PSIref can help you generate interest and garner submissions effectively. By leveraging PSIref's cutting-edge metadata indexing and integration, you can ensure that your Calls for Abstracts, Posters, and/or Presenters/Presentations reach scholars, researchers, and professionals who may not be familiar with your organization's activities. This broader outreach not only enhances the visibility of your event but also attracts a multitude of submissions, enriching the content and discussions at your gatherings. Reach out to PSIref today to leverage this dynamic service and make your conferences, meetings, and events a resounding success.

Call for Reviewers

Are you an editor seeking expert reviewers to maintain the high standards of your journal's peer review process? PSIref offers a dynamic platform to help you discover and connect with qualified reviewers. Our dedicated service for Call for Reviewers is designed to streamline the process of identifying scholars and experts eager to contribute their expertise to evaluate submissions within your journal's field. Leveraging PSIref's innovative metadata indexing and integration, your Call for Reviewers gains unprecedented visibility among academics actively seeking opportunities to participate in peer review. This service not only facilitates efficient reviewer recruitment but also helps ensure the quality and integrity of your journal's editorial process. Contact PSIref today to tap into this valuable resource and strengthen your journal's peer review with the right reviewers.

Call for Editors

Seeking skilled and passionate editors to contribute to your journal's editorial board or special issues? PSIref offers an invaluable platform to discover and connect with accomplished editors who can elevate your publication to new heights. Our dedicated Call for Editors service streamlines the process of identifying qualified individuals eager to collaborate in steering your journal's content. Leveraging PSIref's cutting-edge metadata indexing and integration, your Call for Editors gains unprecedented visibility among seasoned editors actively seeking opportunities to shape the scholarly discourse in your field. This service not only simplifies the editor recruitment process but also helps ensure the excellence and diversity of your editorial team. Contact PSIref today to harness this resource and fortify your journal's editorial leadership with the right editors.