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Journal AI Perspectives and Advances

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AI research must focus on theory, practice, and how to make machines more intelligent. AI Perspectives & Advances (AIPP) publishes high-quality work that aims to address key pieces of the “AI puzzle” –fundamental topics of the field that beg for a breakthrough to move AI forward– and practical applications thereof that are poised to inspire and define the next generation of AI-based automation. On the applied front we want to see representatives from all major industrial, societal, and governmental operations, but especially forward-looking operational prototypes tested in industry settings and lab mockups of practical deployment. In basic research we seek submissions on any and all topics related to cognition and relevant computational methods across the entire research focus spectrum, especially work that aims to bridge the gap between existing work in, and leap beyond, various subfields of AI. Defining clearly the questions that we seek to answer, and supporting the selection with arguments from more than one perspective, should be fundamental in every research field. The same must hold for the methods chosen to answer them. Any methodology that is fruitful should be considered good. We welcome any papers proposing or using unified theories of cognition and AI research methodology, separately or in relation to other topics. [1]

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2024 - VOLUME 6, ISSUE 1
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Corner cases in machine learning processes

F Heidecker , M Bieshaar , B Sick

AI Perspectives and Advances , 2024 - VOLUME 6, ISSUE 1


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