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Journal ACS Sustainable Resource Management

Aim & Scope

ACS Sustainable Resource Management is an interdisciplinary journal publishing original research describing the science and practice in the sustainable use of natural and waste resources. The journal seeks to report advances, promote discussion among various stakeholders including academic scientists, industrial practitioners and government agencies and regulators, that together help in the implementation of strategies to achieve the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals. Submissions covering fundamental and applied research in science and engineering of the circularity of effluent streams (gaseous, liquid or solid forms) through the conversion to useful compounds or feedstocks are welcome. Discussions integrating systems thinking, planetary boundaries and metrics-based approaches are encouraged to ensure that the envisioned circular approaches are indeed sustainable in terms of reducing environmental footprint and toxicity. Examples of resources and applications/processes/methods that fit the scope include: Resources: Activated sludges; Agriculture, aquatic & marine ecologies, forest residues (biomass, pesticides, fertilizers, nutrients, etc); Biochars; Biofuels and fossil fuels; Biological molecules; Contaminated soils; Electronic and urban wastes; EMI shielding (including microwave absorbers); Foods, dyes and textile effluents; Heavy, trace, catalytic and energy metals; Industrial effluents (solvents, chemicals pharmaceuticals, flame retardants, etc); Microplastics; Nanomaterials; Plastics, membranes, resins, etc; Radioactive wastes; Solid wastes including end-of-use solar panels; Toxic compounds; Waste energy; Water (groundwater, wastewater and oily wastewater, drinking water). Applications/ Methods/Processes: Adsorption technologies; Advanced oxidation processes; Aerobic and anaerobic digestions; Artifical inteligence/big data in resource management; Biogas production; Biomass-based catalysis, organocatalysis electrocatalysis, photoelectrocatalysis, photocatalysis, single atom catalysis; Bioprocesses (biodegradation, biofiltration, bioremediation biosorption, biotreatment); Chemical processing of wastes; Circular and net-zero economy; CO2 capture and utilization; Eco-design for the environment and ecosystem restoration; Electrochemical methods and processes; Emulsion separation and oil spill remediation; Gasification and pyrolysis; Governance, legislation, and policy for sustainable resource management; Green processes for waste management; Industrial symbiosis; Membrane technology and separation processes; Mining of waste resources; Phytoremediation; Redox processes and hydrolysis; Sensors and analytical methods for resource recovery; Sustainability metrics in resource management; Sustainable metallurgy; Thermal energy storage/conversion technologies; Upcycling and recycling processes. [1]

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